Services & Products

The company operates within the full air conditioning scope 

Where there is concern or uncertainty with regard to achievement of required system performance, we assist clients with reviewing the system design and operating parameters. This can be achieved by review and comparison between the original design criteria and measurement of actual system performance.

The company provides a complete capability, from conceptual to detailed design in respect of either new or alternatively, modifications to existing systems.

This service can be provided as part of a turnkey package, or alternatively as a stand-alone service utilizing client supplied material. We will allocate a project manager to supervise the installation works and, where these involve inter-discipline activities, he/she will ensure that effective co-ordination takes place to minimize possible disruption and delays

Systems, which are not properly commissioned, are out of balance or are failing to deliver appropriate levels of airflow / pressurization have a potential impact upon the working environment and safety of personnel. These system failings may not be noticed on a day-to-day basis, but unless rectified, can have a negative effect on performance of both machine and personnel. The carrying out of regular system surveys and integrity checks, as part of a planned maintenance routine, should be considered good practice and classified as high priority.

Njalo Cooling has the experience and competence to ensure that your systems are operating as designed. We have the capability of carrying out commissioning of systems aboard mobile installations.

In recognition of the crucial role played by effective repair and maintenance in assuring system integrity we provide a comprehensive repair and maintenance service to the complete range. This service can include the review of existing planned maintenance routines, working with clients to effect programmed rationalization and overall cost-savings, while seeking to maximize plant and system availability through our maintenance strategy.

With our equipment and parts supply, we can continue to support your operations with a Total Supply Service. Our experience of, and long established relationships with a variety of manufacturers enable us to offer a wide range of new and direct equivalent replacement equipment and spares. As such, we are able to negotiate competitive prices on behalf of clients and share discounts with them.

The range of items we supply, includes:


  • Air handling units, fan coils and components

  • Air conditioning units and spares, including filter driers and filters

  • Air filters, belts, fans and fan motors

  • Compressors and Compressor spares

  • Evaporators and condensers, air cooled

  • Pumps, seals, bearings, pulleys

  • Refrigerants

  • Refrigerant oils for all types of application

  • Refrigeration parts including expansion valves, pressure controls and

  • Thermostats

Due to continuing concerns by clients regarding the health, safety and welfare of their employees, we provide a single source of advice and service relating to the prevention of moulds, bacteria and viruses transmitted via ventilation and air conditioning systems.